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Rosa's Story: The most amazing thing that I have experienced
My family made me feel like I was part of the family since day one. I have never thought that I would feel so welcomed and cared for. My host kids and I already made some unforgettable experiences that will remain in my heart and mind forever!

Before coming, my goal was to create a connection with my host kids and help them in their personal growth. Now, ten months later I believe that this connection will last forever. I came here as a girl that wanted to have an intercultural experience and make the most of it while doing something that I love that is working with children. Now, I will leave having a second family in New York and having memories with them and my friends that will remain with me for my entire life. How great is that? Well, let me tell you, it is awesome!

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Featured Au Pairs

Check Out Magugu's Video!
Magugu is a 21 year old from South Africa who is a native English speaker. She has experience caring for children between the ages of newborn through 15. She has experience taking care of and living with Autistic family members. Please watch her video for other great attributes of Magugu!
~ Mateo ~
Experienced DRIVER!
Mateo is a 26 year old from Guatemala who speaks Spanish and English. He has experience caring for children between the ages of 3 through 15. He received his driver's license in November 2015 and drives daily. In his spare time, Mateo enjoys playing soccer, guitar, and traveling.
~ Janice ~
Bilingual Speaker!
Janice is a 23 year old from Germany. Janice grew up bilingual, speaking German and Spanish. She also speaks English. She has experience caring for children between the ages of 1 through 15. In her spare time, Janice enjoys dancing, cooking, and reading.
These are just three of our featured au pairs! We showcase more of our featured au pairs on our website.
We have hundreds of great applicants available for placement.

Advice for Successful Matching
Host Families:

  • Monitor your profile daily, review recommended candidates by clicking 'interested' or 'not interested' within 48 hours.
  • Invest time in your interview questions. Focus on the topics that are most pertinent to your family. We recommend that you have at least 2 video interviews with any viable candidate, and before you match, include a member of their family on one of your interviews to make sure that they're supportive of the au pair program.


Au Pairs:

  • Monitor your email daily and reply to host
    families within 24-48 hours.
  • Inform your agent of any new experience so we can keep your profile updated.
  • Practice your English by talking to friends or agents in English and do a ‘mock interview'.
  • Prepare for
    a host family interview- read their profile thoroughly, make sure you write down your questions for the family, think about where you will have the
    interview, and make sure your camera and microphone works properly.



Why should you choose Agent Au Pair?
Au Pair Training School
Agent Au Pair offers three-day orientation at the beginning of each au pair's program! Au Pair School provides hands-on training, a review of child development, and first aid training before they travel to their host family.

It's a great way for au pairs to overcome jet lag, ask questions in a comfortable environment, and prepare for the meaningful work they will accomplish with their host children. It is also a way for au pairs to meet one another and classmates often stay in touch throughout the entire program year.

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